Your Hidden Genius Full Potential

Imagine if you could learn how to save time, fast track to a success Mindset, and energise intrinsic Excitement?

And empower innovation and creativity that simultaneously catapults both human thinking AND economic transformation?

“We are the 5th rEvolution” CDB
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”-Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder
We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”  Einstein
The big question is the How To?
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”-John Quincy Adams
Since the 19th century, Neuroplasticity has been an element of excited exploration.  It makes sense therefore, that by using Neuroplasticity for rewiring the brain, and Neurogenesis to stimulate creating new opportunities in brain and mindset learning, that these are the basis 2 key elements in evolving and empowering more of the brain, (aka the human being) the human mind, and therefore, empowering the individual to influence the collective.
Did you know? It takes 40 days to rewire the brain, (change a habit) and it takes 90 days to create a new habit. The Your Hidden Genius Full Potential tool gives you the perfect timing to create new, neutral minded, possibility styled thinking habits! On every leadership webinar, especially during Pandemic, the buzz is all around Growth Mindsets, Empowering Transformation, Self development and the daily essential requirement for Self reflection.
How to achieve this, will require a personalised and individual approach. Why? The individuals who make up teams, families, leadership, collectively make up the human race.   In World times of pop culture thinking, stuck mindsets, with all time high stress levels, with more of humanity consciously intending to fulfill unique purpose, and who want to make an impactful and immediate contribution to the evolution of economies, it is imperative to recognise this –  Successful outcomes will rely on the ease of access, simplicity and sustainability of the methods engaged.
The Your Hidden Genius Full Potential tool, provides all of this. As a unique, safe, personalised access to trending topics, that stimulates new thinking, innovative thinking, more emotional awareness and neutrality, and provides an opportunity for empowering the imagination voices of many more.
“I call these immediate individual outcomes in powerful confident results, a Return On Innovation, (ROI) empowering others to be and do, all they imagine is still possible” CDB
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” Einstein

Self eCoaching, Mini Micro Learning

What you can expect :

• Our trending Topics, will transform you/your team to an unique higher level of thinking & mindset shifts, the ULTIMATE in a Growth Mindset! • Neutralise emotions and clear focused mindedness • Solutions and evolutionary driven results • Seeing the world as a set of related systems, how we each fit in to make our World unique and real • Finding a way through every challenge How: In less than 5 mins a day, for 108 days, Empower Your Unique Voice. Enjoy your journey to your hidden power, your Genius, with this tool, it is much easier and gentler than you think… 


The following Topics were custom designed and packaged to assist you, or your team, on your journey to unlock and reveal your true north, YOUR HIDDEN GENIUS


If you could revolutionise conflict resolution, in few minutes daily, would you? Be it conflict within the boardroom, or in your personal environment, these are unique and laser fast, higher level thinking


Would you like to Empower your unique Voice? This is for the Woman who wants to re/build her relationship with her uniqueness.


Your Unique stamp of Transformational Empowerment is albeit a story telling response, will be your outcome in the evolution required in your Transformed Empowered Self.Be it conflict within the boardroom, or in your personal environment, these are unique and laser fast, higher level thinking


Be it relationships within the boardroom, or in your personal environment. These are a guide to higher thinking in building blocks to the relationships of quality in your life.


This is for the Woman who will mentor many! This is for the Woman who will leave a Legacy rooted in Unique Empowered success


If Women are Empowering themselves, it makes perfect sense that Men are also evolving and redefining their roles in the World.


We all have a different understanding of what an abundant mindset is. This is a way to understand yours, plus how to change it, laser fast, to Abundantly walking your Abundance talk.


To choose Diversity and Inclusion means influencing deeper and wider, much more than general language used in the Corporate world.


The feeling of fear grips our body and mind, and is what any World crisis usually brings to the fore first, for most people.


Imagine taking Self Mastery to another level, where you build self confidence and recognise, and accept all of Self?


The most essential step for the transformation of anger, is getting past the emotions that debilitate, to the emotion that begins an inner healing, and transforms the anger to the delight of life, as experienced independently.


Easy enticing guide on new thinking required in adapting to the ever changing world of economic opportunities that we live in!


Leadership starts within each of us. The epitome in aa leadership role, is parenting. Parents shape the future generation of leaders. Qualities are passed on from generation to generation in respect of previous teachings.


To empower Innovation is essential to a growth mindset, it’s the life blood of inventions… and innovation also feeds off innovation. How else would you imagine our World evolving, and transforming?

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“I am so honored and blessed to be in the financial industry where I get to engage and network with some incredible, authentic and inspirational people. Charlotte D Blignaut you truly are a remarkable transnational coach. I will be endorsing you to my existing client base!”
I recommend that all executives in Southern Africa spend at least 30 minutes with Charlotte. I have seen her transform lives with her programs. Her wise words are a blessing to discerning hearts. Bless you my friend and never give up
Tafadzwa E. Muguti , Director of Investment and Economic Transformation, ZanuPF Zimbabwe
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