Tailored Assessments for Individual and Team 

“I discovered the ultimate freedom, the ability to choose your attitude irrespective of circumstance.” Viktor Frankl


Emotional Regulation Ethical Intelligence and SQ (EEQ)

Does your Team display any of the following Symptoms?

Inability to manage emotions in conflict


Avoiding tough conversations


Perpetual shifting of blame


Lack of trust with colleagues and wasted time in destructive conversations vs focus on positive team contributions

Organizational Benefits from mature EEQ in Teams

Improved productivity, leadership and output by building team capabilities in the following key areas:

  1. Self-awareness, introspection and focus to encourage accountability, ownership and controlling own EEQ
  2. Personal and Team created tools and techniques, for proactive and positive improved communication


The Cost of EGO

Do your teams at all levels of hierarchy display any of the following symptoms? If so, the Cost of Ego intervention will provide the solution.

The link and differences between use of language and ego when managing changes?


Spend more time in meetings and managing conflict


Time Management


Slow Organisational transformation

Organizational Benefits from mature EGO in Teams

Improved productivity, self leadership and ownership by building awareness in the following key areas:

  1. Use of language key to indulging the neutral mind
  2. Self and team -awareness and focus to engage sustainable accountability and commitment to profit and harmony

Alignment with corporate Vision, Mission and Cultural Values in managing change positively


Unlocking Creativity & Innovation Capability

Have economic challenges taken their toll on your teams ability to be creative and maintain high profit margins?

Do your teams struggle to find new ways of selling, doing and problem solving


Do your teams struggle to find new business opportunities


Would you like to increase your profitability


Organizational Benefits from advanced Creativity & Innovation Capability

Adaptable Team/s coping positively with economic crises and that are able to maintain and grow profits by:

1. Unlocking, re-awakening and allowing creativity to flourish.

2. Combining an understanding of creativity in the workplace with self-awareness to create a package capable of delivering successful team performance.

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