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The Following Topics may also be used as a Workbook to entice your heart and mind to the NEW growth mindsets in thinking required, in becoming more Empowered and to cope in the ever changing world of opportunity that we live in

A guide on which Topic to start with

How to choose which topic is right for you, right now in this current moment, is your choice.    Let us share with you how these topics first were created as this may influence your choice.

In the years of working in people development, the 1st area that shows up when change for transformation is imminent, is Conflict.  Be it conflict on the outside or conflict within. Once we have found a new way to navigate all forms of conflict, the 2nd hurdle is how to build, rebuild and attract the right type of Relationships . The 3rd step is then moving towards Transformational thinking. 

The 3rd step is where most people want to immediately dive in and start!  YET, they always end up back at Conflict, 
or Relationship Building first, before moving on. There is no wrong in moving between the topics.

There is only absolute honesty with yourself – ask yourself this – which topic do you believe you would get most benefit in becoming uniquely more empowered?

Each topic has a clear description of what you can expect – YOU decide.

HOT TIP for max benefit – should you decide to choose more than 1 topic, allow a different time of day to access the other topics.

Mindfully, together, let us step into a future with renewed awareness, where these Genius nuggets will guide you onto a uniquely uncertain yet clear path of excited inner Empowerment. 

To make these powerful & sustainable life changes, know that it is a gentle process,
filled with daily delightful AHA moments!

“When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.” Thich Nhat Hanh

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