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Your Hidden Genius Super Power   –  Revolutionise Conflict Solutions

Change your thinking and you will change your world – then all you have to do, is live the change!

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These easy cards are designed to take the mindset into areas where new neural pathways will have an opportunity to be excited and encouraged to develop.

Repetition is the key to your success in the execution of these solution prompts.

Its ok to not be perfect every time, and if all else fails, get your Coach to work with you through this unusual approach in Conflict resolution.

It is a book designed for elevated levels of thinking and consciousness in outcomes.

Simplify your thought process for magnificent outcomes.


Your Hidden Genius SuperPowers

 In 3 easy steps, to think both inside and outside the box

108 ways to manage & evolve conflict resolution in 8 new funky thinking categories

Your response, albeit a story, is a telling response, and also is your outcome, in the necessary evolution of conflict resolution

Be it conflict within the boardroom, or in your personal environment

These are a guide to higher level thinking in evolving the usual steps to conflict resolution


What can you expect from Your Hidden Genius Self Coaching, Mini Micro Learning:

• 108 days to your unique higher level thinking & mindset shifts

• Neutralise emotions and clear focused mindedness

• Solutions and evolutionary driven results

• Seeing the world as a set of related systems, how we each fit in to make our World unique and real

• Finding a way through every challenge


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