How Leaders create team alignment with expert coaching

It has long been an accepted truth that leaders are not the sole reasons behind any organization’s success. While credit is due for the the vital contributions they make, strong leaders understand that the company or organization is a system.

Like any system, a business works only if all the subsystems are working at peak capacity and meeting the needs of the whole as they arise. A leader’s greatest contribution then, can be said to be his/her capacity to create team alignment around a greater goal or set target.

What is Team Alignment?

Let’s first take a look at what we mean by the term ‘team alignment’ in business. At the basic level, teams need a purpose to get behind — a common purpose that guides their actions toward goals. Alignment is reached:

When all members understand the team’s purpose and goals.

When all members have the desire to reach stated goals; individual members feel a need or have a vested interest in meeting goals.

When all members feel that the potential outcome is worth the effort and energy that will be put in.

When all members believe the goals are achievable and the ideal outcome is possible.

When all members have a sense of urgency about reaching the goal.

Alignment Starts From the Top Down

It all starts with the leaders. As a leader, you are responsible for imparting your vision and mission to the managers. You can do this by taking the time and employing the necessary resources.

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